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Suggestions for future printing

Having printed a few iterations of parts now, I have a couple of suggestions for the Roboteurs folks.
1) Create calibration model for captured nuts.

2) Create a calibration model that contains holes for the different ball bearings.

3) Create calibration model for the various screw sizes, both for threaded and sleeved

Maybe they could all be combined into a single model. It's probably at least 4mm thick. This allows someone to quickly calibrate their printer to match what's supposed to be on the model. Best if Roboteurs does it as you have the actual mechanical drawings, and thus know what sizes everything is supposed to be.

This will work great for when we're printing in different materials, or simply different print heads/printers.


  • From the printed instructions, Part #3: Arm
    I'm not sure I've seen that tensioner in the .stl files

    The holes in the shoulder gears are not tight enough to hold the screw in place. Of course, I under extruded to get other tolerances proper, but since these holes hold the rest of the arm, it might do to have them tighter, so they can possibly be tapped, or some other mechanical assist can be employed.

    Timing pulley is a bit odd. If I place the flange flat part against the body of the part, it fits, but I only get to use one tiny set screw. If I flip it around, I can use the two larger set screws, but it's more like 4mm away from the body.

    Part #4: Putting the M3 nuts in place was relatively easy. These parts I printed at .88 extrusion to compensate for the PLA/PHA I'm using.

    I think the M4 nut holes on the shoulder gears are simply too tights. Those holes could be made ever so slightly bigger.

    Rigid coupling: As printed, that coupling doesn't really fit in the space. The wall towards the end needs to bump out about .5 - .75mm to make it fit. Also, not enough clearance around it once it's all together. I doubt the motor will be able to overcome the friction once it's all together. The cutout for the coupling just needs to be bigger in all dimensions by half a millimeter.

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