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Communication Issues

I am receiving an error message.
communication issues; check SPI configuration and cables

This is repeated six times, and the robot is ultimately not moving.

I do not know where to begin. I set the SPI configuration to be "YES" and I have re-checked all my cables. (They look fine).


  • Well, re-checking my wiring against this diagram (see attachment) yielded much better results. The power cables I have are just one red, one black. I have put them in positions 0 and 3, black in 0 and red in 3. My AC adapter is flickering and producing choppy gripper motion, with no other motor motion at the moment.

    Differences: I do not have END STOP, Moter6, the same type of power supply (I cut the end off of an AC adapter and am using the two cables inside), and I have grey wires instead of blue for every motor.

  • Further, the motor0 wiring needs to look like this photo for the motors to work in conjunction.

  • Nice diagram! Have you got it going okay?

  • Hi, i have the same problem. Kan it be that the fuse on the slusengine is broken? What sice had the fuse?

  • Hey! I have the same problem too, I checked all the connections and seems good. Someone who knows where can it be the problem?
    Thank you!

  • Hey All,

    This problem generally arises from the SPI bus not being enabled. To enable the SPI bus run the command
    sudo raspi-config
    and browse to interface options and the SPI configuration. Enabling this allow the board to communicate with the SlushEngine. The fuse on the board is only there for the protection of the Raspberry Pi. The fuse is also self reseting so if it is blown (ie a screw driver is dropped on the board) it will reset itself.

    That being said probably don't drop a screw driver on the board.

  • Hi admin,

    Thank you for your answer SPI and I2C are enabled as i saw in the tutorial. Here i upload some pics checking other configurations. Maybe can you find it useful.
    reading GPIO ports

    i2c detect

    Rasberry pi interfaces configurations

    here how i connect both boards.

    And the script error

    Thank you.

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