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RBX1 Next Steps: bring the robot closer to full 6 axis function

Hey All,

At Roboteurs we are trying to get better at making our development more open. We are a small company and we need lots of help from the community to help grow and make better products.

For those of you who have worked on 6 axis robots before you will know that the coolest feature of a 6 axis robot is its ability to navigate on a Cartesian plane rotated about any axis. We want the RBX1 to be able to do cool things like this but there are some challenges that face us. The first challenge that we have to tackle is how to repeatedly home the robot. For those who have built the RBX1 you will know that it is very repeatable due to the low backlash design of the belt system. Right now the best way to home the robot is just make sure you turn it on when it is on its marks, but that is a very bad way of doing things.

Recently we have been doing some work reverse engineering an ABB collaborative robot. This robot uses Hall-effect sensors on every joint to find it home. This would be a very practical solution for the RBX1 as well. The argument could be made that limit switches will provide a more accurate homing. This may be true but limit switches are hard to integrate into the robots current design. Hall effect sensors are very small and are compatible with the SlushEngine Model D.

Once we are able to home the robot we can then work on developing a kinematic model to allow the robot to more in world coordinates. Any feedback would be great!


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  • Hi there. I am working on a six-axis robot as well (not the RBX) and got a slush engine for that. Installing hall sensors would be a great step forward - do you have a specific model in mind? brand? type?

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