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synchronizing revelations

I need to control two motors at the same time but different steps numbers but they need to start and stop at the same time.
Say motor 1 needs to travel 1000 steps and 2 travels 2000 steps, then I need motor 1 to run half as fast.
However, when I set the speed of motor 1 to say 50 and the speed of motor 2 to 100 they don't stop at the same time.
Just starting and stopping them at the same time doesn't help, since I need both to do an exact number of steps.
What can I do, or how does speed (setMinSpeed, setMaxSpeed) translate to steps per second for example?

Cheers Arend


  • Hi Arend,

    The parameter for setMinSpeed, setMaxSpeed is steps per second. When the value of MaxSpeed for motor 1 is half of the value for motor 2 then it should run half as fast.
    Please bear in mind that we control individual L6470 devices; we send a start motor command in 2 separate commands, in two different SPI sessions. This latency can cause the difference in start time.

    What is your platform?

    Thanks, Arjan

  • Hey guys,

    Just a quick follow-up after a latency test. It seems that the latency between motor sync is about 900us in Python3 on an RPi3. On the RPi2 we got 2ms which is a bit longer. This isnt bad but could probably be improved.

  • @admin, it would be interested to know what the latency is when the C++ library is used. This library is not using the Linux SPI device driver, but it directly addresses the SPI interface.

  • I actually found out why just setting the speed for the second motor half as low wasn't working.
    I set the min and the max speed both to the same ... apparently this causes the thing to not work, and I ended up with both motors kind of not using
    the speed I set. Once I force minspeed to 0 all is okay.

    Thank you, Cheers Arend

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