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Printing Part Sets on Type A Machines

I have been printing parts on a Type A Machines print pod (6 printer mini-farm)

My first pass has been to use PLA, because I had an abundance of it in enough colors to make each section a different color.

I used Simplify3D as slicer (because)
.3mm layer height (adhesion and strength)
15% infill (to save on plastic)
7 top and bottom surface (so no gaps on the verticals)
4 or 5 perimeter (for added strength around holes)

These came out fairly decent if a bit rough. I think using .3mm is good for the giant parts as it will take less time, and it will actually be a stronger part than if you go down to .15mm or even .2mm


  • Great prints ! I might try some with 0.3mm res too. Can't wait to see the rest!

  • The full set

    Ran out of pink on the wrist, so orange. Need to print one more of the gripper linkages, but that's fairly minor. Now ready for some hardware!

    Things of note, whatever material you're printing, try to use the same one, even the same color, for everything. I'll have to do some sanding, as the oranges are from different manufacturers, so they shrink slightly differently, and the fit on the shoulder is too tight. Or perhaps the design should have a little more tolerance.

    But, this is my working set of prints for PLA. I'll do another in PET. The design of the arm probably favors ABS and the amount of shrinkage you get with that. The tolerances will need to be adjusted for different materials.

  • I like the color switch on the forearm, I'm sure that will look pretty cool when its assembled.

    I could open the shoulder up if some other people run into the same problem. I can also send you a modified version if you know how much more clearance you need.

  • Thanks for the offer of new parts. I think I'll wait and see what happens during assembly. The parts have shrunk a bit since I first tried fitting them, so we'll see what state they're in when I actually assemble.

    Also, I want to see how the PLA does with the motor heat (I have my doubts). I'll do another set in PLA/PHA (supposed to be stronger), and yet one more set in PETG. I'm trying to avoid ABS if possible because that's stinky stuff.

    Each of these materials offers various benefits, so we'll see which one performs the best overall for this application.

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