Communication issues with the SlushEngine



Everything looks the same - pins 8 and 10 won’t make any difference, as those are for the UEXT Connector.

Is it possible to take a photo of everything connected e.g. RPi3, SlushEngine, Power, Stepper Motors?


The setup is pretty standard, the source can give upto 15V of power, which should be enough to drive a small no-load stepper motor for testing. We will also be contacting the makers of the Slushengine to hear if they had any similar problems in the past.
Thank you already for your time.


Does the red light appear on the SlushEngine when there is power supplied?

Do all the electronic components on the SlushEngine seated and soldered correctly? There’s a component R602 beneath the letter X, which looks odd.

Do you have a RPi3 (not B+) that you can use?


The light turns blue, I think they use red and blue leds. The soldering looks OK, and I have used both the B+ and B v1.2.


Hey, Did you ever manage to sort out this issue? Typically communication issues can come from a bad IO on the PI or an incorrectly setup SPI interface.

One of the issues we have noticed with newer versions of the PI is that the IO seem to be very delicate. We have lost some of the SPI IO in the past due to a bad power supply and seemingly a lot of EMI.


The problem has not been resolved yet, we are using another motor driver from Adafruit now.