Connecting the SlushEngine to an Arduino


I have SlushEngine Model D and want to try to control it using Arduino Board. As I have seen in website, there is guide. But some of information is missing and i am asking is it possible to provide some?

### Step #1: Connect the Hardware

Connecting the hardware is quite easy. You just need to connect the Arduino pins listed in the table to the pins on the SlushEngine. Once you are done that, all that there is left to do is software!

Table of pins

This table of pins is missing. And I couldn’t connect Arduino to Model D. And do I need to connect Flag and Busy pins?

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Check out this link.

Arduino + SlushEngine

No the busy and flag pins are not used in this case. The busy pin for example is available over the communication bus so we did not connect it.


Thank you very much. Gonna try it right now.


Is there a pins table? The picture pin out is not consistence to the youtube video. I got the model X and the pin layout is mirror i believed. Attempting to wire it up I think i destroy my model X!! very frustrated now with the lack of information.


I am using Model D and Arduino Mega 2560.

Is this table correct? I think I need to connect 6 pin. Below table is number of digital pins.

PIN | Uno | Mega
RST | 6 | ?
CS | 10 | 53
SDI | 11 | 51
SDO | 12 | 50
CLK | 13 | 52
GND | 14 | 14

Thanks in advance.