Dual Nema 23 connections



I’ll make my own separate thread here even if I mentioned it in my other thread.
Mostly, I’m looking to see how people have connected their Dual Nema 23 for the base. It looks like mine are okay, but not always.

The instructions says:

The robot kit comes with two steppers that are wired together. These steppers are wired this way so that
they can share a driver.

Well, they weren’t. What are the phases for the SlushEngine?
I didn’t find it in the documentation. I’m assuming at the moment that it is A+, A-, B+, B- from left to right of the green connectors.

Thanks for the help again,


Hi Wiwip,

From the previous picture, it doesn’t look like the wiring is correct - have a look at https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Giant-3D-Printed-Robot-Arm/ section Step 76: Add Pin Headers to Motor Cables

It looks like the wiring should be connected as

A+, A-, B+, B-
A-, A+, B-, B+

Where A+ and A- should be connected to pin 1, A- and A+ should be connected to pin 2 etc.

You also mentioned that it’s getting very hot? What are your setCurrent() settings?



So, I had not seen this guide before and I wish I did, because it has lots of information that I had to guess.
Also, I feel like the incorrect connections were my issue. I will change and test at once.
As for the current values, I tried different values from the 41 default up to 100 and around this one setCurrent(60, 70, 85, 65). I generally used the xbox controlled example as a baseline to change my currents.

Thank you,