Fitting the belts


Hi, I got the kit for the RBX1 and I am having a bad time trying to fit the belts into the slots.
Even broke one of the parts trying to fit it in. Is it normal, or the belts I got on the kit are too thick?
Also, noticed that the parts, all printed without resizing, have a hard time fitting most of nuts and bolts into place. Do we need to apply some resizing percentage for the parts?


We also encountered such a problem, I was considering the printing error or the belt is too thick.


Good day,

I’ve had the same error, but I’ve had the luxury of having access to multiple printers. After trying a bunch of prints, I’ve noticed that some printers or materials have a tendency to expand slightly while cooling down. Some others materials don’t have that problem at all.


I wish I had noticed this expansion before. I printed all the parts before receiving the kit, so did not had ways to test if everything would fit.
Now will have a long relation to sandpapers and saws


@kurohi hi mate, I experienced this exact same issue. Pretty sure that roboteurs shipped belts that were too thick.

Had to “melt open” the belt slot grips in the 3d printed parts using a soldering iron and glue the belts in using araldite. Also used nails.


Yeah, for the smaller parts like the writst and forearm, I had to edit the STL files making the slots bigger.
Let me know if anyone want this fixed version, so I can post it here


Hmmmm…It’s interesting that you all have had problems. I’m not sure if the models are updated now but the belt fits into all my models great. What settings did you slice your models? Perhaps too inaccurately?