G code interpreter, basic movement, delta robot controller, and IoT connected examples



I am the original backer from the Kickstarter for model X. After years I finally revisit this wonderful motion controller board and hope to make good use out of it. I check the GitHub and only found some simple example of moving the motor. I want to use this to build 3D printer, pick and place machine and it will be great if Roboteurs will take time to put up more example as promised during the Kickstarter campaign. G code interpreter and delta robot example will be great for us to learn from. Thanks!


Hi Skyice,

Having purchased the Model X LT less than two years ago, I’ve been learning Python and understanding how to program L6470 motor driver using the existing coding in Motor.py. I now have a good knowledge on the L6470 motor driver, and I’m in the process of learning G-Code and OpenGL using various sources on the internet. I’m hoping to design a drawing T-Bot, using V-Slots which will be controlled by the Raspberry Pi 3 and SlushEngine Model X LT. Once I have something working, I’ll upload the source files to GitHub.


Hi rraghvani

Thanks a lot for taking time for response! I am looking forward to learn more. Wonder how many of the original kickstarter backer for the slushengine still actively using the board.


If you are still struggling I highly recommend getting one of these $50 - $170 boards for a 3D printer controller. http://3daddict.com/32-bit-3d-printer-board-comparison/ There are so many tutorials and example on most of these you may save hours of trial and error… I personally purchased two original Kickstarter Smoothieware boards but would go with a Duet today since I have the means.

I’m using the Slushengine to try to develop a custom pick and place machine since the Smoothieware board seamed limited for this. I know the Slushengine should let me do nearly anything I want with a Pi and Python. I may need more inputs, but I’m pretty sure I can use just one of the analog inputs and simply Python code to easily read a half a dozen switch positions that have different resistor values in line.

Good luck with your projects.




Thanks for the suggestion. I like the Duetwifi for 3D printing as well because all the documentation they got.

I am thinking of getting the Slush piHat version to build a 2 axis XY table (not for CNC, routing or laser application). The project I am working on is for an industrial application and been thinking of using the Teknic clearpath SDSK, but unfortunately it only take 5V logic signal. To get the advance function like slush(current, acceleration, deceleration,speed) , need to go with more expensive Clearpath SCSK.

Now i am circling back to Slush. Really hope Slushengine get more community support and official documentation. I has been waiting for more activity in this forum but unfortunately is just not getting the momentum and popularity just yet.