I2C communication and UEXT pins


Hey, I’m thinking about buy Pi Hat module of Slushengine, I want to communicate raspberry with arduino through I2C pins on UEXT. Do you know is it possible?


Hi Alvaro,

If the Pi HAT has a UEXT connection, then I think it should be possible, providing the Arduino supports UEXT too

But it should be possible to connect the SlushEngine Pi HAT to an Arduino - you need to get the schematic diagram of the Pi HAT, and figure out what pins to use, to which the Arduino can connect too.


Yes, I think so about UEXT conection, but I don’t find Pi HAT schematic, and I think I’ve seen Raspberry need to enable I2C and SPI interface as pre-requisites to Slush library works.


Have a look at this post Controlling multiple stepper with SPI - I’m sure the same can be applied to Pi HAT too. If the same software is used, then I’m assuming the pin diagram is the same as the SlushEngine X LT


The UEXT is described here -> https://www.olimex.com/Products/Modules/UEXT/resources/UEXT_rev_B.pdf

Not sure why you would like to add an Arduino to a board board with 4 ARM cores running at GHz.