Not enough current for gripper servo


Hi all, Tulga here.

I am controlling RBX1 Remix using SlushEngine Model D with Raspberry Pi. When I try to pick something or even open and close gripper, my Pi shuts down due to low current (On the screen there is thunder sign coming up). But since there is 24V 20A power supply that came with motor and board, it should be no problem, right? Now I have to use additional generator to keep my Pi up and running. And when I checked SlushEngine circuit. there was no indication that shows connection between Pi’s Vcc and Servo’s Vcc. I even tried unplugging HDMI, WiFi dongle, Keyboard. What should I do? Why is it happening? Only choice is to keep using additional supply?

Thanks in advance.


Had the same probleme and im using a 40amp power supply, so yhea. I have to connect the raspberry and the servo on the power supply using a dc/dc adapter externaly.

Having the choice again I would rather buy the AR2 kit from stepper online website to make a better arm.