Order status update?


I ordered a SlushEngine: Model D 10 days ago ( Order #1417 ) but since then i heard nothing.
I noteced on the order confirmation that my company name is missing from the shipping address and I sent an email about this but since 10days no response.

Just want to check if/when i can expect my order to be ready? We have a project coming up where we need something similar.

Since no response via email im trying to ask here.



I had the same experience with my last order, but it did arrive.

The current time to shipment and arrival is 30 days I think.

And yeah, the correspondance is virtually none.

But the quality of it rocks as far as I can tell.


Well, still no package… I got a email one month ago that the shipment was ready… But the info in DHL is stil that it only ready, not picked up etc…


I have the same problem. Ordered a SlushEngine Model D Aug. 23. (Order #1409). Got DHL tracking info Oct. 8. with status Shipping information received. Since then no delivery, no information, no answer to emails, no DHL tracking status change. Not a good way to handle customers…


Yes #1413 waiting since oct 8th for a waybill update. Roboteurs, whats going on lads? Some info plz.


I’ve just checked to see the Roboteurs, Inc. is still active, https://www.ic.gc.ca/app/scr/cc/CorporationsCanada/fdrlCrpDtls.html?corpId=8612285. Annual fillings are overdue for 2019. I really hope that Reiner Schmidt doesn’t give up on the business!


It does not look good. I can not reach him or anyone. I am about to file a case with paypal. I only hope he is alright. I did see him engaging in a new project, but that was also from september or so.

I mean, from order to now its been 3 months. And my PJ does suffer, because I can not count on the hardware.

Or does anybody have better news?