Q: SlushEngine Raspberry HAT Availability


Hi !

I would like to order SlushEngine Raspberry HAT.
What is typical shipment time after payment? I’m need this board urgently, or not at all if too late.

I sent message via contact form, no reply so far.

Thanks in advance.


I have a very bad experience with the shipment they said me two days but it was more than week, and never they never answered my messages. So my suggestion is buy another one wit other vendor.


Ah no! Can I ask if this was a recent order? I just purchased the robotic arm kit as a present for my boyfriend last week and there is no info either… I paid almost $800 and now kind of freaking out…


I have not ordered anything due to lack of any response. You can search for Trinamic based drivers which have similar functionality.


Thanks for getting back to me, this is so awful! I already paid so I will need to contact my bank and see if I can get the $800 back. I know nothing about robotics so I’ll just spoil the surprise and ask him to help me choose the right thing.


You may wait a couple of weeks or so, I don’t think company will take money and run away, they just don’t respond to e-mails and vice versa.


Ok, I’ll wait a bit longer, thank you so much! Fingers crossed is just that. They had COVID update so fingers crossed they are still in business!


Just to let you know the arm has been shipped - I’m so so happy and relieved!

Of course I understand that getting everything ready might take time, setting expectations is really all that I needed. (e.g. for them to email that it may take up to a month to gather all the parts upon/before placing an order) - especially that sadly online there is a lot of mixed information on the orders!

Either way, thanks a lot for responding and I can’t wait to work on this!!! :slight_smile: