RBX1 ROS application


Has anyone done ROS exploration on RBX1?


I have done some. I found this guy had adapted the Moveo model. https://github.com/jesseweisberg/moveo_ros

I’m still finishing some details, but I figure I will be able to post my code for others to use.


What features have you implemented so far?


I have build a URDF from the rbx1 STL files in solidworks and exported. It is probably as good as you can get it to run.

I’m using a computer running Ubuntu 16 with ROS Kinetic (Virtual Machine unfortunately) which connect to the RPi 3 connected to the arm.

I have build an ugly UI that can control the robot Slush engine directly and serves as ‘Control Station’ for the motor status. The second UI is basically like a dumb version of RVIZ that allows to send coordinates in x, y, z, orientation and it will find a path there. The robot will then follow the path there.

I have mostly solved my temperature issues, but I found that my elbow rotation motor was extremely weak and my wrist rotation isn’t as strong as I expected.

Here’s the URDF of the rbx1 if you want to use the moveit setup assistant to see what it looks like or mayeb try stuff in Gazebo. URDF



Have you get some new progresses


A: hi!Wiwip, the URDF file that you give to it is like another robotic arm moveo.How far have you come in your present work?Could you please share your software on GitHub or somewhere else?