SlushEngine continuously shorts out


I have performed only the initial test of m.move().
Initially, the robot moved however extremely fast. Then the board began not receiving power. After awhile, it worked again.

There is a perfect 24VDC going in and I don’t know where to troubleshoot from here (hoping that it will begin receiving power again in the near future). What are some good troubleshooting checks?


Actually, This Roboteurs power supply might be the problem. I’ve noticed it losing power itself. Only when connected to the SlushEngine, however. So apparently there is a manufacturer’s short I need to find…


Any troubleshooting tools built into the software that I could use?


I’m off to purchase a 24 V power supply since it seems to be causing the problems; bad connections it makes (and a 12V for my relay board)


Yep. It seems to be the SlushEngine that is faulted. Jiggling the power will give a momentary surge to the board while tripping the 24DCV power adaptor. I don’t know where to go from here. Buy another board and hope it doesn’t short exactly the same way?


I’m buying a new board. I used this site: 1. A SlushEngine: any model will do, the code is the same. Buy One .
Despite the line saying “any model will do” I probably killed my board in true me fashion.
Any ideas on how to test components so I can fix it while the other one ships in?


HI Stephen,

The only suggestion that I have, is to make sure that there are no dry solder joints on the board, and ensure the components are seated and soldered correctly.

Also, try reducing the current of each stepper motor - I’m not sure what values you are passing to method setCurrent. You may be triggering either over current or stall current.