!SlushEngine Hat Giveaway!


Hello All,

To launch our new forum we are going to have a giveaway contest for a SlushEngine Raspberry Pi Hat and two Nema 17 stepper motors. To win this awesome board here is what you have to do.

  • Tell us a cool idea of something you want to build with the SlushEngine Hat
  • Comment your idea below in a few short sentences
  • The winner will be the person with coolest idea
  • Any ideas go! Whether its an art project or a camera control rig, its all fair game.
    please only comment ideas below. If you want to discuss an idea please open it up in the projects section
  • If you win we will DM you on the forum and send you your SlushEngine Hat

Contest Ends October 30th 2018


I have been working on a robotic arm control project… I found that interfacing raspberry pi with motors is a tough job… so presently I use an Arduino in between them…pi acts as signalling element hub… Arduino and driver module works as control n power unit …and lastly the Nemo motors …using slushengine will reduce the complexity of the project…and with such an update to my project …I could work ai development part


I have been working on a bi-reactor project. Right now I am using peristeltic pumps driven by DC motors and a timer. The whole system is currently controlled by a Raspberry Pi with a pretty basic Tkinter control interface. I would use stepper peristeltic to provide more precision control for adding fluids to the reactor. This bioreactor being used to make bi-diesel.


I’m working on adding a 4th and 5th axis to an mpcnc.One additional axis’ on the gantry and one on the table. I’d like to use the slush engine because it has drivers for 7 axis’. That’s two drivers for x axis with dual endstops, two for the y axis, and one more for the z, a, and b.


I’m building a sun tracker. In fact it’s a rebuild of an earlier project, built with small servos, directly controlled by an Arduino. This one will be more heavy duty, controlled by a Raspberry with a separate stepper controller and steered by a sun position algorithm. SlushEngine can provide the necessary accel-decel functionality automatically. Build-in limit switch control is also very useful.


I think we deserve to know who the winner is! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: