SlushEngine model X died


I try to wire up the slushengine model X to arduino according to the instruction. First, the slushengine power up alright with the red power led turn on, but the motor will not turn.

Not sure what i did wrong, and carefully looking at the picture and video from the example I notice that the pin out from the picture is not consistence with the video. Anyhow, after I reroute the wire to match the video, now my slushengine model X is died. The power LED will not turn on any longer and seem like some thing had shorted.

I am disappointed with myself as well as the poor documentation for model X. There are not even a schematic i can find for model X.

Any advise other than getting a new LX model from Roboteurs? I like model X (which no longer available) because of the industrial IO.



I understand the frustration, my model d died a few day ago, fortunetly they told me they would check the matter and maybe send me another one. I used the stock power supply and only had used it for 40 sec, the power supply died and robot arm dropped. The circuit is still working if i use another power supply but 3 outputs are dead. Was your circuit protected from shortcut? Id recommand using a fuse before pluging it



Thanks for respond. I power my slushengine with HY3005B adjustable power supply that appear to have short circuit protection. When the slushengine died, the power supply automatically drop the output to 0V. Now when i try to power it up again, the slushengine LED will not lid and it make a noticeable hissing noise. My guess is some component on the power side fail, and I don’t know which one.

It is just disappointing as i hope there are better documentation that can prevent this from happening.


Well, after some few tests, my slushengine died for good, I shouldnt have mess around with it.
If yours stop working and the light start flashing on it, the moment you try it on another power supply, even a weaker one, it might burn, so dont do that unless you really know what you are doing. Its true that some documentation to prevent that would help alot.

Im a little sad because my robot arm project is all completed and was all based around this driver and the rasberry pi. But now its in a corner taking dust.

Anyone have used the SlushEngine for a long time without any trouble yet?



Sorry to hear that. I hope we are not the only two that need help.

SlushEngine is sure a nice and powerful board to use, but without better support and documentation user like us that not expert and try to learn will be left out. About to order a new slushengine, but with the lack of community support as well as expert from roboteurs I think i will have to look at other option.

I am disappointed that I never got a chance to make good use or test the Model X.

The response from Roboteurs has been very lacking even since the day of kickstarter campaign. Great product without great support with passion, I don’t see it will go very far.


Hey Skyice,

I am sorry to here about the issue you are having with the board. The schematic for the model X is located at the github link. It can be opened with KiCad.

We have made no changes to the board since that video. If 5V from the Arduino was connected incorrectly or the 3V3 line it would have damaged the SlushEngine board. The board does work with Arduino and we are working on making an Arduino adapter board so people don’t run into this problem. Connecting jumper wires can be a nightmare sometimes.