SlushEngine power supply



Might be a stupid question, but is it safe to use a stronger power supply with the SlushEngine model D, lets say a 36V 20A, will it make the steppers run stronger, or it will melt the board ?


The max power allowed for the board is 35V. But I would imagine a 36V supply wouldn’t kill it.

This questions gets a little complicated because it depends on the resistance of your motors. Usually stepper motors are never actually rated for 24V. Instead motor drivers just use some of the power supplies “power”. If you where to connect the 24V supply right to the motor you would probably just melt the motor.

With the SlushEngine more power can be put to the board using the setCurrent() setting. However this should be used carefully. What is the motor you are trying to drive?


Im using a 24V 40A 1000W power supply and its doing just fine. That way im not worried about lacking power and destroying the board if I move all motors at the same time with a load. Using a fan and some heatsinks, the drivers are stay cold.