SlushEngine stepper speed control


Hi, anyone understand how to control the speed of the stepper using the Slush Library?

Ive seen that SetMaxSpeed(x) does not actually force the stepper to move to a certain speed, or at least, all my steppers seems to move at different speed even with the same value. With a SetMaxSpeed of 30, and the command GetSpeed, some stepper give me a result of 860 while others give me a results of 620, and its never the same precise results even if I move all the stepper the exact same number of steps.

So any clue how to force the stepper to move to a precise step per sec value?


Hi olivier,

To change the speed use setMaxSpeed. However, if you’re using setAccel and setDecel then you may not see it reaching max speed. Increase the speed of acceleration and deceleration, and the movement will be faster - take note, this will cause jerk motion.